About The Book

Graeme Clayton has always thought of his brother, Everett, as a bit of a blockhead.  However, when Everett seems to prefer a fawning and flirtatious lady over Beatrice Tierney,  Graeme knows that his brother is not just a bit of a blockhead but a complete and utter fool!

Knowing that Beatrice secretly loves Everett and despite his opinion of his brother’s mental faculties, Graeme vows to do his part to bring the two together.  For to Graeme, there is nothing more important than seeing his lovely neighbour and good friend happy.

Beatrice Tierney has long harboured feelings for Graeme’s younger brother, who is serious and thoughtful ─ or at least he used to be.  Now, she fears she must watch any hope she had of ever securing his heart slip away forever.

However, she is not destined to watch alone.  Graeme has positioned himself as her champion and with his help, she just might find both true happiness and love.

His Beautiful Bea  is part of Leenie Brown’s Touches of Austen Collection of original stories inspired by the writings of Jane Austen. If you like well-written, sweet and gentle romance, then you will love this story of realizing that true love was beside you all the time by Leenie Brown.

So, put the kettle on, grab your copy of His Beautiful Bea, and let this sweet romance soothe away the worries of the day.